Mythical Games will “usher in a shift in player behaviour” with blockchain platform

Mythical Games is the latest firm to explore the potential of blockchain-based games, drawing on AAA talent to build both a platform to power such projects and new IP that will demonstrate this technology.

Formed earlier this year, Mythical has emerged from stealth with the completion of a $16 million Series A round of funding. This will enable the team to develop its proprietary Mythical platform and a series of games for mobile, console and PC that will utilise it.

The firm…

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The System’s History So Far, and Where It’s Headed Next

Five years to the day, the PS4 was officially released worldwide and brought gamers everywhere into the next generation of Sony hardware. In that time, the system has grown exponentially with an install-base well over 80 million consoles, and a bevy of some of the greatest games that have released in this generation (so far), and while the PS4 is now five years old, 2018 especially has shown that the system has already provided some remarkable experiences for gamers everywhere to…

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Cosplay Wednesday – Hitman’s Agent 47

All would-be assassins are in luck, as WB Games and IO Interactive’s HITMAN 2 has launched for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In honor of this release, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a rendition of the protagonist behind it all, Agent 47.

German artist and hobbyist Charly Harte suits up and grabs his favorite weapons in these stylish shots taken by Phelan Davion. Not only does he have the costume down, he has the barcode on the back of his head as well.

Hitman Agent 47 Cosplay


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Valve is working on its own VR headset with a 135 degree FoV

Rumor has it that Valve is working on their own VR headset as seen in images leaked on to Imgur.

The HTC Vive was worked on in collaboration with Valve, and HTC very recently showcased the previously China-exclusive HTC Vive Focus, a mobile VR headset. It does seem a tad odd that Valve is coming up with their own headset despite that, but it’s not unlikely that Valve could have been working on their own VR headset. They have dedicated substantial manpower in recent times to…

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Fallout 76 Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks, Mechanics Explained

It’s about Reclamation Day for Fallout 76 and Bethesda is taking the Wasteland online. In this Fallout 76 Beginner Guide, we’ll cover Tips, Tricks, explain mechanics and give you an overview of how to take your first steps into Appalachia when leaving Vault 76.

Fallout 76 Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks, Mechanics Explained

Whether you’re a veteran Wastelander or a new survivor, read on to find what is new and different from previous Fallout games. I think you’ll be intrigued to find that…

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Forza Horizon 4 expansion Fortune Island

Forza Horizon 4’s first expansion will take players to the mysteriously named Fortune Island, up off the northern coast of Scotland. There’ll be dramatic weather, treasure to hunt, and, at least if you’re anything like me, plenty of cliffs to drive straight off. It’s coming on December 13th, and you can take a peek at it below:

In the few hours I spent with the base game, I found that driving excitingly was much more fun…

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Rocket League fans couldn’t ask for more drama out of Day 1 at the World Championships

A thrilling start to RLCS

The first day of Rocket League‘s Season 6 RLCS tournament featured six matches. All six of them went to a fifth deciding game in the best-of-five series. No underdog went down without a fight, no favorite convinced everyone it’s the strongest team in the field.

It’s tough to pick a single best series because nothing was routine about the opening to RLCS. A matchup between G2 and FlipSid3 Tactics was the most anticipated in the weeks leading up to the tournament. G2’s…

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Dr. Wu Stars In Upcoming Jurassic World Evolution DLC

Today, Frontier Developments announced Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20. In the DLC, you work alongside the morally flexible Dr. Wu – the gifted geneticist who spearheaded the creation of the dinosaurs that would become Jurassic World’s star attractions. 

Secrets of Dr. Wu features previously unseen locations, dinosaurs, challenges, and a new story…

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My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure offers real time co-op

Love a bit of co-op with your mobile games? My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is the game for you then.

It offers real time co-op for up to four players, with each taking on a different role in the party.

My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is out now on Android

These are generally traditional, with options including warriors, wizards, ninjas, and rangers.

Each class has over 20 skills to choose from. You can mix and match these to suit your own playstyle.

In terms of gameplay, this is pure…

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Five Reasons Why We Need a New Doctor Who Game – GameSpew

Is there a Doctor on board? There should be.

The Doctor has transcended generations, explored never-seen before planets and saved earth countless times. But, there’s one thing she’s never done before: had a starring role in a great gaming adventure, and it’s about time (lord).

Whovians all across the world have been calling out for an immersive Doctor Who game, and there’s so much potential for it to be great. In fact, the potential may even be…

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